O Srbiji

In general

Country with great potential

Goverment buildingRepublic of Serbia, country with great potential, is found at the heart of the Balkans. Its area encompasses 88.361 square km, with more than 10 million inhabitants of various nationalities groups and religions. Actual Government of the Republic of Serbia was constituted on May 15, 2007; Prime Minister is Dr. Vojislav Koštunica (DSS); the Government has a Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary General and 23 Ministers. The Assembly has 250 deputies, and the ruling coalition is of democratic orientation.

Mouth of a rivers Danube and SavaThe capital of Serbia is Belgrade. Belgrade has 1,600,000 inhabitants and is situated in the close vicinity of the Sava and the Danube Rivers mouth. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating from the Classical period, at the crossroads of Eastern and Southern Europe, South and West. Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy. Proof of its tempestuous history are numerous nationalities who have settled in the territory of Belgrade from the Classical period; however, most of them have settled in recent times. Today, this city is an increasingly popular tourist destination which provides variety of events. Other major cities in Serbia are Novi Sad with 330.000 and Niš with 250.000 inhabitants as well as Kragujevac.

For the investors

Facts tell that it is about a market with great potentials

BusinessEven in the recent past Serbia was known around the world as a region of continuous shocks and major investment risk. More recently the image is changing quickly, and in 2005 the Serbian capital Belgrade was announced by the FDI Magazine as City of the Future in Southern Europe.

The award was given in recognition of economic potential, cost efficiency, available human resources, IT and telecommunications development, transportation, quality of life and promotion of foreign direct investments. Increased construction and real estate market in Serbia offer great possibilities for business and private purchases; it is distinguished by numerous public and private health institutions, exceptionally favourable tax legislation and school system development – these are the reasons why businessmen have selected Serbia for their future destination.

  • Strategic location for market penetration in Europe, Asia and Middle East.
  • Access to duty free zone in South Eastern Europe CEFTA with 30 million consumers. Ukraine with population near 50 milion will join CEFTA till 2010.
  • Serbia is the only country outside the Community of Independent States (CIS) which has signed a Free Trade Agreement with Russia. In near future such agreement shall be signed with Turkey, Kazakhstan and Belorussia. All in all it means 245 million consumers.
  • Lowest profit tax rate in Europe.
  • Educated and cheap labour force.
  • Stable and sustainable economic growth.
  • Low and calm inflation.
  • Great trust of investors, which reflects in permanent growth of foreign investments.
  • Simplified regulations on foreign trade and foreign investments.