When you start-up a business any advice is welcome

To newly established small and middle companies we offer the following knowledge:

  • Acquainting with the entrepreneurship role and specificities of doing business in Serbia.
  • Developing basic entrepreneurial capabilities and skills.
  • Developing capacities of personal and written communication with entrepreneurs in Serbia.
  • Acquainting with entrepreneurship „good practice“ in Serbia.
  • Acquiring knowledge for managing different minor projects.
  • Offering help in searching for finance and human resources and business premises.

Investment consulting

Make your personal property richer

Serbia and the Balkans have recently become exceptionally interesting for various securities investments. Moreover, the very securities market has developed, which leads to numerous possibilities and offers not only shares, but bonds and cashier's bonds as well.

We offer you by connecting with partners reducing of investment risk in highly risky societies and investments. We are ready to give you advice on various investment possibilities, to explain them and propose trustworthy financial partners in Serbia.

Financial consulting

Do not stop development due to resource shortage

Banking industry is one of the most developed Serbian branches where majority in the banking sector are foreign banks. However, due to long isolation the market has not stabilized yet and interest rates are very high. Thus, Serbian companies have a hard time to get loans with interest rate lower than 10%.

Our long experience in the banking sector as well as knowledge on functioning of majority of banks enables us to help you to find favorable and available financing resources.

Real estate consulting

Have you already bought or rented real estate in Serbia?

If you are looking for business premises in Belgrade or elsewhere in Serbia, you will be confronted first of all with the problem of regulating documents and providing necessary infrastructure (Internet, telephone).

We are enabling you to provide such business premises, we are renting fully-equipped business premises, i.e. only giving advice.