Business incubator

About the incubator

Begin your business operations in regulated business environment

Business incubatorMain task of the Business Incubator is providing service of the company pre-incubation and incubation period. It includes advice related to company setting up, company registration, providing conditions for healthy growth, advice on place of operations, advice and help in finding necessary human resources, financial resources and other company business resources.

Company registration

You need only one day for company registration

Company registration formWe offer services related to company registration in a simple and quick manner with the help of reliable and experienced partners. We are with you from the very beginning, providing advice related to strategic decisions and preparing of pre-conditions, till the very end, when your new company is completely ready for doing business.

Registration provided through our company does not last longer than 10 days. All you need is to come to Belgrade just once to sign all necessary documentation in Court and banks. Necessary conditions for registration is existence of a company seat, i.e. business premises, and authorized accountant, which is something we can provide as well.

Virtual office

All you need is the company seat location?

Virtual officeVirtual office is a service offered to clients who at the beginning want only to establish a company, which shall not start with business operations right away. This way, the newly established company has its seat in the Incubator, receives mail and calls at this address, while we take care that everything is redirected to the client.


The first steps are the most difficult ones

CounselingNewly established companies in Serbia regularly meet with issues on the way of conducting business, human resources, financial resources, office space possibilities, connecting with companies and organization of meetings with potential business partners. Beside answers to such questions we offer advising services related to public tenders, EU funds available to entrepreneurs, as well as other ways of financing.

Our long experience in the Serbian market and connections with our partners are a guarantee that we shall offer you real help.