Individual match-making

Looking for potential partners

For companies which are looking for potential partners, although without references, we shall single-out a group of the most adequate companies with which we have established contact, and in accordance with the needs of our client agree the presentation method and form.

Thus, within service providing, we shall meet with you first of all and define your requirements to be met by the future partner. From the data base of potential companies we shall select, for mutual benefit, the group of the most adequate companies. If the client wishes so we shall organize individual meetings or a one-time presentation to all companies. Upon this joint analysis of success of the activities and proposals for future work shall follow.

Meeting organization

We shall set up a meeting for you at the highest level also.

If the company already has a detailed plan of entering the Serbian market and already knows who to meet, we offer our help in organizing concrete meetings.

Bearing in mind that Serbia is a country still in transition, it frequently happens that contacts with the right people are difficult to make, i.e. majority of important decisions are still made in high political circles. That is why we are here, with our knowledge of business environment and already established partner relationship, to help you to get in contact with the right people, proven by up to now successful connections between Slovenian and Serbian companies.

Organization of promotion events

In Serbia informal socializing is constituent part of doing business

Experiences show that for a company promotion the most adequate are events which enable informal relationship with clients for easier defining of common interest.

With this purpose in view we have already organized different events (golf tournament, socializing during promotions of new collections, etc.), which we occasionally organize in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club and Serbian Manager Association.

So, if you want to entertain numerous potential clients, we are ready to organize the complete event with invitations and presence evaluation.