Market trends

We are gathering and analyzing the basic macroeconomic indicators on monthly basis

Market trendsWithin our regular activities we are preparing regular monthly reports on market trends in Serbia. We are continuously monitoring price growth and inflation, exchange of goods, labour force costs and pay and growth of industrial production.

Companies who are found in our Incubator are entitled to such information, i.e. if these companies are members of the Slovenian Business Club. Other companies get access to data on order basis. We offer to all interested parties more detailed analysis of market trends, and other analysis and advice according to wish.

Sector analysis

Get yourself acquainted with the specificities of your industrial branch in the Serbian market

Developing of sector analysis is intended primarily for clients who wish to get acquainted in detail with the status in certain industrial branch - namely, who are the main representatives, who is the decision-maker and who sets the rules:

  • Description of macroeconomic indicators
  • Definition of an industrial branch and its structure, financial data and indicators review
  • Legislation Survey
  • SWOT analysis of industrial branch
  • Identifying f leading companies at the local and global market, survey of other companies and takeover possibility
  • Determining of industrial trends and future challenges
  • The latest industry news

Overall market analysis

Detailed study of the market status and proposed strategies

In contrast to market trends, which are available to all our clients, as well as sector analysis, the overall market analysis requires precise agreement with the client on the goals and values to be acquired with research.

More precisely, the overall market analysis includes:

  • Customer analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Foreign environment analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy proposal

Status and feasibility study

Thorough feasibility check of planned investments

In making decisions on major investments and complex projects, status and feasibility analysis is of key importance, for it indicates if it is purposeful to make such a big step and how to make it.

Status analysis gives us insight into the current situation and announces future developments. If we compare current status with the desired investment result, we can identify what else is needed to be done, what funds are necessary to accomplish it and how and when to begin with the implementation. Feasibility analysis determines if the company is capable of implementing the planned investment.